Track training restarts next Tuesday!

Track training restarts next Tuesday!

From October – when it is too dark and cold for open water swimming – to the beginning of May – when the water is warm enough to restart – Tuesday evening means Track Training!

When: 18:30 – 20:00hrs

Where: The University Academy, Keighley.

Why? What’s it for?
The ultimate aim for our track training sessions is to help you produce faster run legs at the end of your triathlons in the season ahead – but not by simply making you run faster round the track!
We will do this by helping you develop awareness of a sustainable pace that you can maintain over the full run distance despite the cumulative fatigue you will develop towards the end of your races, up to and including the Ironman. We will also help you improve the “economy” of your running, in other words being able to run at a given pace with lower energy costs to the body.

There are a number of approaches to this challenge that we try and incorporate into the track sessions.
As in pool swimming we use time trials to identify times for certain distances and use these as a basis for interval training which focuses on both aerobic endurance and speed.
We also use drills to improve your running efficiency. To achieve this we work on your running posture and stability, your gait – stride and flight, your cadence, and something that might be called your visco-elastic properties! If you are under 30 you might not need to worry too much about this but as we get older our nervous systems slow down and our joints and soft tissues get stiffer. We develop our own unique postures and running styles that are recognisable long before a face comes into view. All of this reduces the efficiency of our running gait and can waste valuable energy. Research has established that working on running efficiency can lead to improved performance despite reduced run training volume. So the good news is that the more you put into track training the longer you can resist the ravages of ageing and continue running like a Brownlee!

A typical track session will consist of:

A few steady laps to warm up.
15 minutes of drills focussing on,
1. Strides and flight,
2. Cadence,
3. Core stability, balance and posture,
4. Elastic recoil
A building session where some of the drill themes are taken into 100 or 200 metre efforts on the track.
A main session of speed or aerobic intervals.
A cool down session and some systematic static stretching.
The total distance run in the main set averages around 10k – obviously starting a little shorter at the opening of the season and progressing longer with time, fitness and familiarity.

A word of warning!
Track is generally a very safe environment for run training. It is well lit and relatively sheltered. The surface is cushioned and the sessions are steadily progressive so the risk of injury is low. HOWEVER….. The atmosphere can be very motivating and enthusiasm can be infectious. The temptation to be competitive with clubmates can be too much to resist with the result that some athletes can put in too much effort too soon and pull calf or hamstring muscles and then have several weeks off running. So don’t get carried away and do follow the pace that coach sets for you. The only person you should be challenging is yourself. Ignore what others are doing. The only time you should feel that you are trying to run as fast as you can is during a time trial. All the other sessions should be be at a pace you can comfortably sustain. Sprinting is not allowed at any time! You have been warned!!

You should also attend to track etiquette to avoid inconveniencing or injuring other runners. Coach will advise you about this.

Administrative matters
Track sessions are posted on the club website. There is currently no limit on numbers. It is helpful in preparing the session if people sign up so that we know who is coming and how many. Cancellation due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances will be posted on Facebook so check before setting out.

We look forward to welcoming you on a Tuesday evening. We meet in the hall at UAK which is directly through the main entrance. There is a signing in desk. Our session is “rented” from Keighley and Craven Athletic Club and there will be a small fee (currently £2) to pay to K&C AC when you sign in for the track. There is also a small charge to the club (also currently £2) for the coached session. This is astonishingly good value for a coached training session.

Adrian Dunbar
Andy Pettit
Carol Young – head coach.
September 2017

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